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SIGVARIS Women's Cotton Compression Socks

$49.95 CAD

(151) SIGVARIS Sea Island Cotton Compression Socks

Best suited for tired, heavy, restless, aching legs, travelers, occupational leg health risks, expecting mothers, family history of chronic vein disease.

Size A: Women's shoe size 5-7, ankle circumference 7"-9"

Size B: Women's shoe size 7.5-9.5, ankle circumference 7.5"-10"

Size C: Women's shoe size 10-12, ankle circumference 8"-10.5"

  • Knitted from the world's rarest cotton
  • Durable yet soft as cashmere
  • Revives legs and improves circulation through graduated compression
  • Ideal for daily wear
  • Knee-high
  • 15-20mmHg
  • 43% Sea Island Cotton/39% Nylon/11% Spandex/7% Supima Cotton 

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