New Product Alert: Healing Hands 360 Collection


Posted on April 05 2023

New Product Alert: Healing Hands 360 Collection

We love our community. Everything we do is to serve those who serve us in our community. Part of helping others also includes taking care of the space we live in. Which is why we want to do our part to fight the current climate crisis.

As part of that initiative, we’re excited to announce that starting March 20th, 2023, we’ll be stocking Healing Hands reimagined 360 Collection!

What is the 360 Collection? 

Available in both women’s and men’s styles, the scrubs uniform collection features elastic jogger drawstring pants, v-neck tops, and zip-up jackets. Women’s styles also include race stripe tops, rib knit waistband pants, and y-neck tops. Men’s styles include bomber jackets and all the pocket space you could want. Each product and style is available in multiple colors, including black, navy, royal blue, wine red, and pewter grey.

How does the 360 Collection fight climate change?

As part of Healing Hands’ commitment to having 100% climate-positive polyester in their products by 2029, all uniforms in this collection are made from materials sourced from responsible resources. This goal is an example of Climate Positive Design, a research initiative that was launched in 2019 to improve the carbon impact many design communities have on the planet. The research done here is helping designers reduce their carbon footprint while actively increasing carbon sequestration (a method of reducing greenhouse gases) within their projects.

Each 360 Collection garment contains the equivalent of 8 recycled bottles – helping not only focus on using more sustainable resources but also removing some of the waste that already exists on the planet. This allows the production of this collection to reduce carbon and waste and put our money where our mouth is when it comes to caring for our community and the next generation.

But is the 360 Collection comfortable? 

Absolutely! Utilizing plastic bottles doesn’t mean the finished garment retains that crinkly, plastic feel. Lots of impressive products are made from plastic, including swimwear, blankets, and activewear.

To make each 360 garment, water bottles are shredded into flakes. That flake is then melted into pellets, which are extruded into yarn. This is the yarn that is then woven into the resilient 360 garments. By utilizing mixed-media styling with the goal of inspiring comfort while utilizing an innovative performance fabric, all scrubs in the updated 360 Collection have a soft, breathable, four-way stretch fabric.

Make sure to shop local or check Uniform Shop out online on March 30th!

Interested in learning more about the 360 Collection? Check out Healing Hands promotional video on the collection.

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